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Database marketing tool

DataMaster Pro is an online qualified plan database-marketing tool with detailed information on over 1.4 million plans nationwide.  The value of this marketing tool is not simply the plan data it contains, but the creative ways that we allow you can access it.  Users can search by any combination of over 50 different criteria.  Searches can be very basic, for example, just the plans in a given zip code or run more detailed searches focusing on certain asset ranges, plan types and more.  After entering all custom criteria, users can simply click on “Find” to discover how many plans fall within their selected parameters.  Click on “List” to display a list of all those plans.  Then select any individual plan to see a detailed report with up to 317 fields of information.  DataMaster allows users to sort their lists, export to contact management software, print mailing labels, and more.

Powerful prospecting tool

This powerful prospecting tool, is far and away, the most comprehensive qualified plan database ever released. Enhanced features include:

  • Hundreds of additional fields of information not available in previous versions.
  • Monthly updates.
  • The most up-to-date information available. Special data enhancements from Larkspur Data’s call center making over 2 million telephone contacts each year. Over 9000 yellow and white page directories used along with corporate annual reports, business journals, Secretary of State filings and more. Updated and verified contact information on hundreds of thousands of plans nationwide. Additional fields of information appended from other sources.
  • 12-minute Flash tutorial quickly and easily guides users through basic search functions.
  • Metropolitan area search. Allows users to instantly search all zip codes in and around over 300 major metropolitan areas across the country.
  • Free plan type comparison tool. Enter and save information on up to 10 prospective clients. Compare different retirement plan types (e.g. 401k, Safe Harbor, SEP…etc.) side-by-side. Generate detailed reports that illustrate exactly why the type of plan you’re recommending makes the most sense for the client.
  • Access and search by the actual investments in over 200,000 plans. This data includes fund names and dollar amounts invested. Look up plans with poorly performing funds or target companies that need help with asset allocation.
  • Proprietary calculations such as participation rate and average account balance per participant. Sponsors with low participation rates may need to worry about fiduciary liability. Average account balance speaks to the profitability of the plan.
  • Fully customizable interface. Add your company’s logo, text, web-links…etc. Advertise special promotions within the application.
  • OPTIONAL: Free prospecting letters.
  • Investment performance quintiles. Search for plans that are underperforming the overall market.
  • OPTIONAL: Monthly usage reports.
  • Historical financial data going back up to five years.
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More than just a list

DataMaster Pro combines the data from 1.4million+ plans into an intuitive database marketing tool.