Your start-to-finish qualified plan sales solution

Planisphere is the next step in the evolution of qualified plan sales. Unlike any other product on the market Planisphere will guide you through every step of the sales cycle, helping you to work smarter, be more efficient and look like the professional you are in the process. Planisphere runs in all popular web browsers, tablets and smart-phones. It’s also flexible, allowing for on-the-fly customization of search fields and results.

All of the searchable features of DataMaster Pro, plus so much more:

Search for your best prospects using our sleek new user-friendly interface. Data enhancements include:

  • CPS audit information that you won’t find in any other product. This new data is the most sought-after information in the industry with detailed information on plan investments.
  • Real-time data feeds coming directly from the Department of Labor just minutes after it?s been released?months before it becomes available in electronic format and is incorporated into the products of directory vendors.
  • Monthly updates from our call center and supplemental data from outside sources including an increasing number of email addresses.

Coaching and Training

Users will have access to a growing library of tools to help them understand and compete in the marketplace, including downloadable audio and video recordings from experts in the field, conference calls, sales ideas, prospecting letters, marketing templates and one-on-one sales coaching sessions (by appointment). 

A Clear Cut Case for Change

You will be able to view up to 10-years of historical plan data plus an unlimited number of free reports showing your prospect?s plan graded on over 90 factors relating to fiduciary liability.

Customized Benchmarking tools

Plan sponsors aren’t always convinced that they need to make a change. Don’t just tell them show them! Planisphere allows you to instantly generate full-color graphs benchmarking a prospect’s plan using fees, participation rates, investment performance and more. Generate comparisons and then show the prospect how their plan stacks up against others.

Look More Professional

So you’ve made your first contact with a prospect? What next? Planisphere allows you to instantly create an unlimited number of detailed sales proposals with pre-populated fields of plan information. The proposal is already done for you with generic compliance-friendly language, ready to print on your letterhead or send via, email or smartphone. If you prefer, customized proposals can be prepared using your own compliance-approved language and saved for future use.

Discover Hot New Trends

You’ll have at your fingertips real-time market intelligence on searches taking place right now in your local market and from around the country. Using live information from active users you can stay on top of the products, plan types, & features your competition is searching for. You?ll also see what markets are being ignored and under-prospected.

Track Your Sales Pipeline

Now it’s easier than ever to build and track your sales pipeline. With Planisphere you will be able to build and track your own dynamic sales pipeline. You can quickly and easily tag selected prospects for follow up; enter and save private notes on contacts; generate custom reports and set reminders for follow-up with email.

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