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Prospects of Wealth is a searchable database of over 4 million high net worth individuals nationwide.  We’ve gone to over 70 different sources to gather detailed information on many of America’s wealthiest households.  For example, we’ve gone to the Department of Motor Vehicles to find out who’s registering luxury cars like Ferraris, Rolls Royces…etc.  We’ve gone to the Coast Guard to get names of people registering yachts over 40 feet in length.  We’ve gathered data from the FAA on private individuals who’ve registered an airplane.  The database includes corporate insiders from Rule 144 filings.  We’ve also taken information from IRS Form 5500EZ on people who have reported having a certain amount of money in their KEOGH account.  The list of sources goes on and on, but what we came up in the end was a database of over 5.5 million individuals across the country.

Only the best prospects

We then wanted to “trim the fat” and eliminate some of the prospects that might not be wealthy individuals.  Our goal was to offer only the best prospects in the entire database, so we said that it’s not enough for example, that someone owns a luxury car.  There are many people out there who have spent their entire life’s savings on an expensive car.  While these people certainly show the outward signs of wealth, they’re not really the kinds of individuals you want in a high net worth database.  Therefore for every individual in our database, we must have two “evidences of wealth”.  For example, if someone owns a luxury car and an airplane, chances are they’re a pretty good prospect.  The only people in the database for whom we have only one evidence of wealth are those individuals that we feel we have “rock-solid” information on.  Or for example, suppose you’re a person who filed a 5500EZ and reported having $2.5 million in your Keogh plan.  We know you’re probably worth at least $2 ½ million.

Pinpoint accuracy

After running the database against a variety of sources to ensure its accuracy, we were able to narrow it down to about 3.4 million high net worth individuals.  We’ve checked the zip codes and the area codes.  We’ve even run the entire file against the NCOA (National Change of Address) database, which is the same service used by the US Postal Service.

Search by a wide variety of demographic criteria

Our searchable interface allows users to search by any combination of dozens of different criteria.  Search by geographic region, entering city, state, zip code–even street name!  You can also search by a wide variety of demographic criteria such as age, presence of children, marital status…etc.  We also allow you to search by any of the different evidences of wealth.  Search for Doctors, Corporate Insiders, Philanthropists…etc.  Once you’ve entered your custom criteria, simply click on “Find” and the program will instantly tell you how many prospects meet your specifications.  Then click on “List” to generate a list of those prospects.  You can sort the list by a number of different criteria, or double-click on any individual listing to view a detailed report on that prospect.  You’re not only getting name, address and phone number.  We’re also telling you exactly why we think this person is a high net worth individual, along with any other information we happen to have!  Successful reps use this tool to literally slice through the market, targeting only those individuals most likely to be receptive to a particular product or campaign.  You can export data to your contact management software, print mailing labels and more.

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