Retirement Planners Database

The best prospects

This database was designed specifically to help financial advisors locate the best prospects for retirement planning in their local area. Information is gathered from nearly 100 sources of both public and private information and updated throughout the year. Each record is carefully evaluated against dozens of different criteria to determine levels of personal wealth, weighing all available net-worth indicators according to rigorously constructed demographic models, qualifying them as good prospects for investment products and services.

More in-depth

Once wealth levels have been evaluated, each prospect record passes through a series of several more in-depth tests to determine if they are the type of person who has a need or desire for retirement planning services. Prospects are evaluated based on national and local models based on age range, personal interests, likelihood of positive response to solicitations, lifestyle and career indicators as well as self-reported data.

Supplementary enhancements

Further matching is then done against internal and external sources to enhance records with supplementary data that can be useful in closing sales. Finally, a deep cleansing process is applied, matching names, addresses, zip codes, phone numbers and all supplementary data against government and publicly maintained records. Deliverability is backed by our 100% replacement guarantee. All phone numbers are screened against the national “do not call list” on a monthly basis.

Convenient online access

The product is accessed online through a searchable interface allows users to literally slice through the market, targeting only those individuals most likely to be interested in a particular product or service. The product not only allows you to customize your searches by estimated net worth, age range, evidence of wealth and more. It also allows you to sort your search results, print mailing labels and export to your contact management software. Each prospect listing contains a detailed report outlining exactly why we believe this person is a high net worth individual along with name, address, phone and any other relevant information.

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