Tax Exempt Opportunities

Trillions in assets and revenue

Imagine having access to over 1 million foundations, endowments, churches, hospitals, schools and other charitable organizations that control trillions of dollars in assets. Tax Exempt Opportunities is a searchable database of all such entities nationwide and includes all of the same features as our other searchable databases. It can open the door for you to numerous niche markets controlling trillions in assets and annual revenues!

In search of new revenue

All of these entities are in search of donations.  This is your opportunity to step up and assist these organizations.  Who makes the majority of donations to charities, foundations and endowments?  The wealthy, influential and civic-minded individuals.  These are just the type of prospects you’re looking for.

Attract wealthy and affluent individuals

Everyone wants to work with a large group of wealthy and influential investors. The difficulty has always been getting these individuals to attend seminars. These are not the typical types of individuals who respond to seminar solicitations. There is however, a creative way you can use one of our high net worth databases together with Tax Exempt Opportunities to attract wealthy and affluent individuals to your seminars.

Invite millionaires and multimillionaires

Using one of our high net worth databases, invite all of the local millionaires and multimillionaires to a special seminar on “Charitable Remainder Trusts (or other subject matter) in conjunction with the XYZ Charity”. Use the charity’s credentials to attract attendance including some of the charity’s donors. Your audience will surely perceive this to be more than just another investment seminar. Develop relationships with local charities putting on numerous seminars and teleseminars.  Eventually you may end up managing donor assets and potentially the assets of the foundation itself!

Help raising funds

Locate a prominent local charity using Tax Exempt Opportunities.  Contact the director and let him or her know that you’re planning a seminar with several of the community’s wealthiest individuals. Ask if they’d like to speak at your seminar, trumpeting all the wonderful things they’re doing for the community. Will the director want to attend? Absolutely! These organizations exist solely for the purpose of raising money and it’s the director’s responsibility to raise these funds. It would be foolish not to attend, especially since you’ve offered to pay for invitations, refreshments and the meeting hall! What does he or she have to lose?

Free sales guide

Place an order for Tax Exempt Opportunities and we’ll include free-of-charge, a 116-page guide that will show you everything you need to know to grab your prospect’s attention, and begin making sales in the high-net-worth market. The guide is a $500 value that we’re offering FREE with any new order. Place your order right now by clicking on the link below.

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