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“I recently closed an $8 million, 401(k) plan with the help of Larkspur Data’s Planisphere database. Larkspur Data’s analytics have been an essential part of my qualified plan marketing for many years. Thanks for all your help!”

Hector A. May, RIA, CLU, ChFC, CFP
New City, NY

Two new reports will open the door to new clientele. Designed to generate the urgency that leads to face-to-face meetings with plan decision makers.

Quickly locate Red Flag plans that should be Prime Targets for you. These are problem plans with obvious filing errors and fiduciary issues.

Over 4 million High-Net-Worth investors await your contact. Searchable database with over 40 wealth indicators and additional characteristics that point to accumulated wealth.

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Custom Data Sourcing

Find out how Larkspur Data’s targeting and sales platform can help you and your team grow your business.