Access America’s Wealthiest and Most Affluent Individuals

In celebration of Summer, we’re making a limited time offer allowing you to lock in the lowest prices ever on America’s wealthiest 1%. Save up to 80% on sales-leads priced at just 1 to 2½ cents per record.  With a small deposit you can order now and take delivery later. Details below.

Wealthy and Affluent, Discretionary Spenders

The sales-leads in our files consist of the most affluent buyers of upscale products and luxury goods in the country. These individuals can afford financial products and need investment services. Isn’t this your target market?

Not Planning Anything Right Now?

You can order today and take advantage of several pay-as-you-go programs. You may not be planning anything right now, but you’re going to have some sales event within the next 9-months.  When you do these are the leads you’ll want to use. We will honor orders placed today for up to 9-months.

These are America’s wealthiest 1%? They make up the top 10% of all discretionary spending nationwide.

The records come from over 80 proprietary sources. Many of the finest purveyors of upscale products use these same records for their sales programs. You will not find higher quality sales-leads anywhere.

You can order now at 1 to 2½ cents per record or wait and pay 4 times that amount for access to America’s wealthiest?

This offer will not last forever, don’t miss the opportunity to save thousands on America’s wealthiest individuals.

Call today and get the details. 800-282-4567

PS We have information on over 4 million of America’s wealthiest individuals.  Call right now & take advantage of the offer of the year!

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