Summer Sales Event Held Over

Highest Quality Leads At 80% Off

Celebrating the 4th of July, we extended our limited time offer to lock in the lowest prices ever on America’s wealthiest 1%.  Order by Friday, July 7th and save up to 80% on the cost of quality leads priced between 1 & 2½ cents per record. You can order now, put down a small deposit and take delivery later in the year.

Order Now and Use Them Later

You can order now and use your leads “at will” later in the year.  We will honor your order for up to 9-months. You may not be planning anything right now, but you’re going to have some sales event within the next 9-months!  And you’re going to wish you had these leads at these prices when the time comes.

Why not use leads sourced from America’s wealthiest 1%?  Based on positions, possessions and passions, these records originate from over 80 proprietary sources including DOL and SEC EDGAR file data. Many of the finest upscale purveyors in the country use these records in their sales programs. You will not find higher quality leads anywhere, at this price.

So, what’ll it be?  Order now at up to 2½ cents per record or wait and pay 4 times that amount for access to America’s wealthiest?

Call now and ask your business development specialist to give you all the details.  On Friday, July 7th the sun will set on this offer.

Call us at 800-282-4567

PS We have information on over 4 million of America’s wealthiest individuals.  This data is not doing us or you any good wasting away in our files. 

Call us today & take advantage of the offer of the year!

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