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Fidelity’s 2017 qualified plan study is claiming that 4 in 10 plans are now or soon will be in play. We’ve been talking about fiduciary liability for years and the Fidelity study illustrates just how serious this has become. The time to start contacting prospects is today! We have custom reports focused on the liability issues, including management fees and poor plan performance. We also have ready-to-use contact letters with talking points and follow-up scripts. With 4 in 10 plans possibly in play, this is too big to ignore.  Get the details below.

Time to Identify Targets and Start Making Contact

Fidelity Investments has released their “2017 Plan Sponsor Attitudes” study.  Per their study, close to 4 in 10 plan sponsors are actively looking for new advisors.

The study projects that $1.3 trillion in defined contribution assets are in motion.

The report includes a mountain of statistics, but the bottom line is simple; opportunity is staring you right square in the face. At the same time, you’re vulnerable too. If 4 in 10 plans are in play…..40% of your plans could be up for grabs as well.

We’ve put together a series of contact letters with talking points and follow-up scripts for your use in contacting prospects and staying in touch with your own customer base. If you’re not making contact with prospective customers, somebody else will be!

Call or email us today to get started. The timing is right, you have 3+ months before year end. This is the time of year that plan executives need to start making decisions. You’ve got to be there if you want to be in consideration.

Call 800-282-4567 or email info@larkspurdata.com to get the details.

PS Per Fidelity Investments 4 in 10 plans are up for grabs; $1.3 trillion in assets are on the move. Get started today and stay in front of the crowd!

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