Ask the right questions and open more doors

Fiduciary responsibility has become the focal point of the 401(k) & qualified plan markets.  A recent study by Fidelity Investments has made this quite clear.

The study found that 4 in 10 qualified plans are actively seeking a new advisor.

This deserves your immediate attention. Fidelity’s report indicates that officers and executives responsible for the management of qualified plan assets are concerned about fiduciary liability.

Why not turn this around?  What others may view as a problem will be your opportunity.

Larkspur Data’s Plan Performance Report is designed to provide plan executives with two major benefits:

  • The first is the savings of administrative fees.  The report meets specific ERISA guidelines for compliance, due diligence, evaluation & documentation. Just having this report in hand can save fiduciaries hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
  • Second, as a direct result of their compliance with regulations, plan officers and executives significantly reduce their exposure to fiduciary liability.  A liability that is personal in nature and very expensive to defend.

Advisors can reap significant benefits too. These include:

  • The ability to provide sponsors with meaningful cost savings
  • The ability to provide sponsors with protection from unwanted liability
  • Image enhancement in the eyes of existing customers & prospects

The underlying benefit being, the ability to generate more appointments.

Ask yourself; why would a plan executive refuse an offer of significant fee savings while at the same time reducing their personal liability?

Put the right question together and you’ve got a door-opener.

Right now, you have an incredible opportunity to become the “trusted expert” on qualified plans in your local area. Plan sponsors know (and admit) that they need help from a knowledgeable professional.  Give them what they want!

Call us today at 800-282-4567 and discover how you can get the report that will get you in the door.

PS  An offer of significant fee savings combined with a reduction in personal liability is hard to ignore.  Ask the right question and start generating more face-to-face contacts.

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