On March 28th, Larkspur Data & RiXtrema co-sponsored an informational webinar for Qualified Plan advisors. 

Major topics discussed included the benefits advisors derive by taking advantage of the new 401(k)FiduciaryOptimizer report.  How advisors can:

  • Uncover hundreds of thousands of dollars in management fee savings in 401(k) plans.
  • Open the door to more lucrative appointments using the latest market intelligence & quantitative analytics.
  • Grab the attention of qualified plan decision-makers with compelling value propositions.
  • Distinguish yourself from the competition with applied analytics.

RiXtrema has developed a name for itself as a portfolio crash-tester.  Applying quantitative analytics to help advisors analyze & discuss risk management with their clients.

Daniel Satchkov, President and founder of RiXtrema illustrated how quantitative analytics can be applied to uncover and significantly reduce management fees.  How 6 & 7-digit fee savings are not uncommon.

With a simple switch from high-cost investment funds to lower-cost alternatives advisors can educate plan fiduciaries and direct them to lower cost funds without changing their plan’s investment mix. If this doesn’t capture the attention of a plan sponsor, nothing will!

Additional discussion included the analytics of investment diversification.  RiXtrema’s analysis had been quantified, enabling advisors to provide plan sponsors with a rating system that measures any overlap that exists within their plan’s investment portfolio.

Larkspur Data has been the leader in qualified plan market-intelligence for over 20 years.

Robert Morris discussed how making sales is all about quickly grabbing and holding onto your prospect’s attention.  Mr. Morris covered how combining substantive data and quantitative analytics can be utilized to focus the attention of plan decision-makers on your message.

RiXtrema and Larkspur Data have partnered to bring retirement plan benchmarking and red flag data into its FiduciaryOptimizer platform. RiXtrema in turn has provide Larkspur Data with value-added information on aggregate plan savings, annual percentage rate savings and diversification ratings for complimentary use by Larkspur Data’s clients.

In response to requests from interested advisors we have decided to make this webinar available to all interested parties.  Webinar participants received a complimentary plan analysis for a plan in their local area. Go here to view the event.  A complimentary plan analysis will be provided to registrants.

Discover how to enhance your value proposition and expand your 401(k) business.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to apply the latest in market intelligence & data analytics to increase AUM.