Lead Generation Boot Camp for Financial Advisors

This compliance-friendly program is a six-week in-depth workshop
designed to help you increase leads and acquire new clients.

To reach investors and 401k managers in 2017, you need to cut through the noise and differentiate yourself. In short, you need to market better and smarter.

In this 6-week workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to differentiate yourself in a crowded market.
  • Marketing agency “secrets” that turn email into a super-effective marketing tool.
  • How to help your prospects long before they are ready to talk with you.
  • How to use free offers to double or triple the number of leads in your pipeline.
  • How to tell people what to do next as they learn more about your business.
  • How to dramatically expand your audience in 10 minutes a day.
  • How to build a customized marketing framework that can grow with your business.

This boot camp is built on industry best practices and proven success. And it’s compliance-friendly, too! Built by one of the top San Francisco marketing agencies specifically for Larkspur Data, this program is unique in our industry.

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The Lead Generation Boot Camp is designed for marketers and non-marketers in small-to-medium-sized financial organizations.


This Boot Camp is delivered in a series of six weekly, 2-hour conference calls. There is also recommended homework between sessions, allowing you to “get your hands dirty” and experiment with some new ideas and processes.

Each boot camp is limited to just 10 individuals in order to personalize the program for each participant’s needs. The format includes open discussion with plenty of interaction.


$1,495 (introductory price)   SAVE! $1,295 early bird special through May 29th

Start Date:

June 1st and five more Thursdays thereafter


Workshop Leader:

Larry Levenson, HubSpot Accredited TrainerLarry Levenson is a dynamic speaker and former marketing agency owner. He is passionate about improving the processes that make a business thrive. His workshops and other intensive training programs benefit growing companies that have dipped their toe in the water with digital or inbound marketing but have not seen the impact on top-line revenue that they expected.

Larry is a leading authority on HubSpot (a marketing automation platform) and one of only 40 HubSpot Accredited Trainers in the world. He is currently working with Alaniz Marketing here in San Francisco.

When we explained what we wanted to create as a lead generation training for our financial advisors, Larry jumped at the opportunity to work with us.

Week-by-Week Curriculum

Week 1 – More Prospects, More Customers

The first week we will cover the framework for delivering more highly-qualified leads. We’ll also look at your prospects’ problems and challenges and how we can solve those problems long before meeting face-to-face with them.

You’ll discover:

  • There is no mystery about this process. It’s proven and successful.
  • It can be done by anyone- no need to be a marketing executive.
  • It costs virtually nothing, except some time.
  • How to bring in new leads as quickly as next week!

Week 2 – Knock, Knock. Who’s There?

You’re an expert financial advisor with a wealth of information to provide to your clients. This week we’ll take a deep dive into exactly how prospects can get the information they need to build trust in your expertise and your ability to help them.

You’ll learn:

  • How to walk your prospects through their buying cycle.
  • What information your prospects are looking for.
  • How to package your expertise around this information and build trust.
  • How to setup a simple process to get this valuable information into your prospects’ hands without having to constantly “chase them” or email them to death.

Week 3 – Tell Me What to Do

Your prospects are looking for you to tell them what to do (really!). However, the answer isn’t “hire me.” They have questions and are looking for help. You can tell them how to get their basic questions answered without even talking with you.

This week, you’ll learn:

  • How to tell your prospects what to do with a call to action
  • How to focus that call to action on their needs
  • How to build their positive perception of you and your firm
  • How to simply measure your results so you can keep improving them.

Week 4 – Reach People All Day Long

Of course, you are already doing email marketing. But have you thought about simple email marketing strategies to reach new prospects? And strategies to help them get their questions answered with automated emails? These emails work to establish trust by showcasing your knowledge and expertise.

This week, you’ll learn:

  • How to build relationships faster with a better email strategy.
  • How to deliver value with every communication.
  • How to use email automation to help prospects move through their buying cycle.
  • How to maximize the use of a simple “Refer a Friend” link in your emails.

Week 5 – Expand Your Audience

There are at least 101 ways to grow your audience (and your reach!) very quickly. This week, we’ll examine quite a few of those and look at how you can engage your entire team in this effort, with only 5 minutes per day!

You’ll learn:

  • How to attract a ton of new visitors to your website for free
  • How to use a simple technique to build a large email list of prospects
  • How to leverage social media (without having to deal with dancing kittens)
  • Why you MUST pay attention to mobile devices.
  • How to leverage social proof to build trust

Week 6 – Powering Up Your Marketing

This final week we’ll bring it all together and discuss how to market in real time when you don’t have any time.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a scalable, repeatable process
  • How to plan in a quarterly cycle so you don’t need to worry about marketing every day
  • How to staff your marketing effort for as little as $10/hour.
  • Where to go to get more help

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Specialized workshops can be created for your business, and can include in-person or online strategy sessions and coaching with individuals or teams. For more information, please call us.

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