In our efforts to assist investment professionals, all of our reports are designed with the singular purpose of generating contacts and face-to-face meetings with qualified plan decision-makers.  

Two specific reports are generating more appointments and face-to-face meetings than ever before. The following discussion dove-tails quite nicely with the recent Fidelity study projecting a 4 in 10 turnover in advisor management.

The 401(k)FiduciaryOptimizer addition to Planisphere is innovative and without peer in the market for investment analytics.

Included in this report are specific management fee savings and diversification ratings on plan investment portfolios.  

There are thousands of plans nationwide where advisors have the opportunity to present plan sponsors with specific amounts of significant management fee savings.

Many have 6 and 7-digit figure sums that can be saved annually over a 10-year period.

The insight into management fee savings and evaluation of portfolio diversification, cannot be ignored by plan fiduciaries.

This attention-grabbing information is a door opener for advisors to speak directly to cost savings, diversification and reduced exposure to fiduciary liability; all in a single statement.

The report that protects and saves thousands:

Per ERISA’s instruction guide: the Performance Report included in Planisphere will actually validate management’s efforts to comply with ERISA rules and regulations, protecting plan managers from unwanted exposure to fiduciary liability while saving hundreds if not thousands in administrative expenses in the process. This is information that you can sell to your prospects & clients. This is meaningful information that cannot be ignored by fiduciaries and plan decision makers.

The Plan Performance Report offers objective performance ratings, comparables & benchmarking tools not found elsewhere. Just like the FiduciaryOptimizer, its attention-grabbing detail provides advisors with new opportunities to generate more appointments and face-to-face conversations with plan decision makers. 


The primary focus is on reducing exposure to fiduciary liability:

All of the features included in these reports are focused on the reduction and minimization of fiduciary liability. This is the topic that’s on everyone’s watch list; plans managers and advisors as well.

With these tools advisors will have access to reports featuring:

  • Huge management fee savings
  • Diversification ratings
  • Clear and concise performance ratings
  • Rates of return, investment fees and expenses
  • Objective peer-group ratings for every plan nationwide

These are attention-grabbing sales tools; door-openers that will enable advisors to speak directly with plan sponsors about cost savings, diversification and reduced exposure to fiduciary liability.

Larkspur Data has formed a strategic partnership with RiXtrema, a leading provider of risk-management tools to the financial services community. RiXtrema’s tools are currently fueling significant AUM growth for advisors in the qualified plan market.

We recently sponsored a hugely successful joint webinar with RiXtrema, pointing out the distinct benefits available through the use of both reports. The webinar; Finding Huge Fee Savings in 401(k) Plans attracted several hundred advisors who listened to and subsequently viewed a rebroadcast of the original webinar.  The rebroadcast remains available to interested advisors here.

Through our alliance with RiXtrema, Larkspur’s advisors can take advantage of the three primary elements that comprise the 401(k)FiduciaryOptimizer tool kit:

  • Information on significant management fee savings. 
  • Diversification ratings measuring overlap within investment portfolios that might otherwise be obscure to plan sponsors.
  • Enable you to demonstrate how fee management & portfolio diversification if properly administered will reduce sponsor exposure to personal liability and provide added compliance with ERISA & DOL fiduciary regulations.

What sponsor would turn down such a discussion? 

The 401(k)FiduciaryOptimizer and Plan Performance Reports are the sales tool you’ve been looking for to expand your client base. Take advantage of the opportunity; while you’re at it listen to the webinar rebroadcast.

Call one of our marketing specialists and ask them to show you how you can use this tool to generate new face-to-face meetings with plan sponsors. 800-282-4567.

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