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Let us Design a Marketing Plan to Successfully Close Out 2016

The investment world is changing. Investment professionals are fast becoming a commodity.

Mutual fund families are now offering “Robo-Advisors”; what’s your plan for countering this non-sense?

You’re fooling yourself if you expect to attract sophisticated investors without a well thought out plan of attack and you’re going to find yourself trailing the market.

Larkspur Data has developed a program to compete with robo-advisors and anything else the Fund Families can come up with.

What is it that motivates investors to do business with you? Do you have a USP that can compete with a robot? It seems silly to have to ask these questions, but if you don’t you’re going to lose prospective customers to your competition and possibly a robot.

Now more than ever you need a well thought out plan to attract sophisticated investors.

Call or send an email to and we’ll tell you what the Top Producers Coaching Club is all about and how to join.

If you want to be the Top Producer in your office, while others are losing business to robots you need to join the Top Producers Coaching Club. If you’re ready to become a member right now go to Top Producers Coaching Club for all the details.

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The Top Producers Club is a Six-Week Sales Training Program Guaranteed to Produce Results. Larkspur Data Resources has designed a unique sales program for financial advisors who want to:

  • Dramatically increase their sales
  • Magnetically attract high net worth investors
  • Become the Top-Producer in their domain

The program includes:

  •  4,000 high net worth leads
  • A 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
  • Two monthly newsletters; One customized to help you develop new relationships
  • And a second with tips on how to generate more prospects, more clients & more referrals
  • Learn how to write killer headlines that get results
  • Detailed strategies on how to successfully market yourself
  • An email marketing guide with 3 bonus manuals
  • Plus your own marketing department in a box

The value of these materials alone will far exceed your investment in the sales training program.

Learn the 3 keys to growing your book of business month after month, year after year.

If you want to be the Top Producer in your domain, this is your roadmap to success. Go to Top Producers Coaching Club and get the details.

New Reports Designed To Generate

Face-to-Face Meetings


In a recent John Hancock survey, investors ranked face-to- face meetings as their preferred method of interaction with their financial advisors, followed by phone calls and then by e-mail.

Our New Plan Performance Report is designed to generate face-to-face meetings with plan sponsors. The report features Clear and Concise Performance Ratings on rates of return, investment fees and expense percentages for every plan nationwide. In addition, each plan is compared to all other plans of a similar size & type.

The report also includes a calculation of Income Replacement at time of retirement that is guaranteed to grab the attention of plan sponsors & decision-makers. Imagine telling an employer that his company’s 401(k) plan is projected to replace only 25% of his employees’ pre-retirement income?

This is definitely not good news, but it will certainly get their attention. You will not find this information anywhere else; it is proprietary to Larkspur Data.

Our Planisphere product includes a NEW Search Tab for Prime Targets that will lead you directly to problem plans.

  • Plans with Low Performance Ratings
  • Fiduciary Issues
  • Obvious Risk Factors such as Corrective Distributions
  • Late Contributions
  • Fidelity Bond Issues
  • Lack of QDIA
  • High Net-Worth Owners

You can save the search criteria as one of your Prime Target queries and use it again & again.

See below for more detailed information.


This report will open the door to new clientele.  It’s designed to generate the urgency that will lead to face-to-face contacts with plan sponsors & decision makers.


Quickly locate plans that are Prime Targets for your services.  Problem plans with obvious filing errors and fiduciary issues…


Prospects of Wealth is our searchable database of 4 million High-Net-Worth individuals. We have over 40 wealth indicators and other characteristics pointing to accumulated wealth.


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