Learn The Secrets Top Producers Use
To Generate Face-to-Face Meetings!

How is it that Top Producers always seem to have a client meeting scheduled for this afternoon?  And tomorrow morning they have a conference call with a prospect.  It’s not because they make more phone calls; it’s because they have the right tools to convince prospects that they might be missing something.

Our Plan Performance Report is specifically designed to generate face-to-face meetings with plan sponsors. We’ve taken the time to pinpoint the flaws and “Red Flags” associated with any given plan so that you don’t have to. We know which plans are the best opportunities for takeover; plans with audit exposure, high fees, liability issues, low investment performance & obvious filing errors. It’s information like this that will generate those client meetings and morning conference calls you’re looking for.

As an example; you can combine a company’s Plan Performance Report with their Service Provider History to uncover service providers who took over just before the plan sustained a significant drop in performance. Information of this nature is extremely valuable!

Employers have no idea what the rate of return is on their investments, expense percentages, management fees or replacement income and they definitely have no idea where they stand in relationship to other plans. As an expert it’s up to you to inform your prospects; tell them what the numbers mean, which ones are important and where their plan stands in relationship to all other comparable plans.

It’s Information like this that captures the attention of prospects and will get you in the front door.  Plan decision makers & fiduciaries cannot afford to ignore this information, there’s just too much personal liability at stake for them.  The reports/tools we’ve developed are designed to grab a prospect’s attention, create urgency and lead to face-to-face meetings.

At Larkspur we’ve moved beyond being a data provider with a search tool attached. We’ve taken the time to evaluate the data we’ve collected and turned it into a Marketing Tool.  We’re looking for clients who recognize the value of insightful information and are serious about growing their book of business.

Every Plan Is An Untapped Opportunity and We’re Here to Help You Take Advantage of It.

New Reports Designed To Generate

Face-to-Face Meetings


Our New Plan Performance Report is designed to generate face-to-face meetings with plan sponsors. The report features Clear and Concise Performance Ratings on rates of return, investment fees and expense percentages for every plan. In addition, each plan is compared to all other plans of a similar size & type.

The report also includes a calculation of Income Replacement that is guaranteed to grab the attention of plan sponsors & decision-makers. Imagine telling an employer that his company’s 401(k) plan is projected to replace only 25% of his employees’ pre-retirement income? This is definitely not good news, but it will certainly get their attention. You will not find this information anywhere else; it is proprietary to Larkspur Data.

Our Planisphere product includes a NEW Search Tab for Prime Targets. With this tab you can quickly select criteria that will lead directly to problem plans. Plans with Low Performance Ratings, Fiduciary Issues, Obvious Risk Factors such as Corrective Distributions, Late Contributions, Fidelity Bond Issues, Lack of QDIA or High Net-Worth Owners if you’re interested. You can save the search criteria as one of your Prime Target queries and use it again & again.

See below for more detailed information.


This report will open the door to new clientele.  It’s designed to generate the urgency that will lead to face-to-face contacts with plan sponsors & decision makers.


Quickly locate plans that are Prime Targets for your services.  Problem plans with obvious filing errors and fiduciary issues…


Prospects of Wealth is our searchable database of 4 million High-Net-Worth individuals. We have over 40 wealth indicators and other characteristics pointing to accumulated wealth.


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